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Personalized financial planning services with your best interests in mind.  

Cunningham Wealth Management is a fiduciary, fee-based registered investment adviser with offices in Ohio, North Carolina and South Carolina. Our team works alongside the professionals at Cunningham & Associates, CPAs to provide a full suite of financial planning, investment management and tax planning  services.

Let's Talk

Our Process

Initial Conversation 

We want to get to know you. This stage involves a candidly casual phone or video call where one of our advisors will answer any questions you may have about us while beginning to initially understand your situation, needs and goals.

Ready to Talk?

Fact Finding

This stage takes the information from the initial conversation and dives deeper into your financial situation as we learn your assets, liabilities, income sources, expenses dependent needs and risk coverage. The more we learn here the more value we can provide throughout the planning process.

What is Your Risk Tolerance?

Analyze and Discover

We take everything we have learned from the first two stages and work directly with you to analyze your situation and develop a plan that is custom tailored to your short term and long term needs and goals.

Goal Planner


This is where we put our plan to work. We implement any changes from your plan in order to best suit you moving forward.

Review and Update

Financial planning is not a one-and-done process. We constantly review and update your plan as your situation, needs, and goals change over time.

Talk With a Planner

What We Do

Financial Planning

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Portfolio Management

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Tax Expertise

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