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Services Overview

Overview of What We Do

At Cunningham Wealth Management, we are independent advisors held to a fiduciary standard. This gives our clients comfort knowing that we are obligated to always act in their best interest and utilize skill, care, diligence, and the good judgement of a professional when conducting business. With decades of experience helping individuals achieve their goals and a team dedicated to providing the highest level of service, you can relax knowing that our firm has your financial life handled. Want to learn more?

Let's Talk

What Are Your Goals? 

  • Are you worried having enough money to retire when you want to? 
  • We have the expertise and experience to plan for that. Are you looking to grow your wealth, but don’t know where to start? 
  • We have a widespread web of resources and investment options to find the perfect portfolio tailored to you based on your risk tolerance and goals. Are you a high-earner or high net-worth individual looking to minimize tax liability? 
  • Our sister accounting firm, Cunningham & Associates, has nearly 30 year of experience in personal tax and can provide an array of strategies to reduce tax drag. 
  • Looking to pay down debt? 
  • Plan for your children’s education? 
  • Protect yourself and your family through insurance? 
  • Start a charitable foundation? 
  • Find the best rates for a home mortgage? 
  • Care for a child or relative with special needs? 

We have experience with all those things and many more. When we say one-stop-shop, we mean it. Handling finances can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be for you.