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Our Story

Our Letter To Our Clients,

I was born to a blue-collar family in Akron, Ohio whose livelihood came from Modern Cleaners, a mom-and-pop dry-cleaning service founded by my grandmother and located on Portage Trail. Growing up in that small shop I was introduced to a staunch commitment to customer service, a sense of entrepreneurial spirit, and a dedication to hard work I carry with me to this day. 

After graduating from University of Akron and working at Price Waterhouse for 9 years, I took a leap undoubtedly inspired by my grandmother’s entrepreneurial spirit and left to purchase a small tax firm in the rural northwest Ohio town of Bellevue, population 8,500. A railroad hub in the heart of Midwest farmland, Bellevue provided our organization with a close-knit community driven by an ethos of family, hard work, and high integrity that mirrored my upbringing.  These values have been the guiding principles in how we conduct business since 1992 and have precipitated our growth and success over the years.  We strive to provide our clients with a consistently high level of service, perpetual professionalism, and an unwavering belief that one should always do what is right, even when nobody is looking.  Although today our network of offices and extensive list of services provide our clients with resources stretching far from that small railroad town of Bellevue, our core values born within that community remain steadfast. We consider our employees and clients alike to be family and will always treat them as such. 

From our family to yours, we look forward to serving you.

Glenn Cunningham, CPA 

Investment Adviser, Founder & President, Cunningham Wealth Management, LLC